The University of Iowa Cycling Club is a student run, non-profit organization with the intentions of promoting the sport of cycling throughout The University of Iowa.


The cycling club’s past is a bit of a mystery. Though there was a club prior to 2002, that is about all we know. In 2002, the club was reorganized and open to all U of I students interested in cycling. Since then the club has focused on promoting cycling, cycling related activities, bicycle awareness, an annual cycling apparel campaign, collegiate racing, and creating a community of friendly riders. The club has also been an avenue for people to meet and set up a group to attend RAGBRAI.

In recent years, with the help of our sponsors, the cycling club has racked up a decorated list of achievements through collegiate racing.


The cycling club is a member of the North Central Collegiate Cycling Conference (NCCCC), which is governed by USA Cycling and covers collegiate cycling in 6 states, including Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Races are hosted by teams in our conference and are divided into mountain bike/cyclocross racing in the Fall and road racing in the Spring.  At the end of each season, there is a Nationals race consisting of qualifying schools from the entire country. As well as being highly competitive, racing is a great way to see other schools in the Midwest and meet other students. 

Transportation to and from races is what most of club dues pay for.  We typically rent a SUV from the University to haul our specially designed bike trailer to the races.  The trick is remembering to put gas in the tank....  


Join us! 

Whether you would enjoy chill group rides, you have a competitive need for speed, or you’re looking for a healthy new life style, checkout University of Iowa Cycling Club. Not only will you meet a bunch of cool new people that love to bike as much as you, but you will also get the chance to participate in exciting community events, fun group rides, and club socials.

On top of all that, we will also have tons of racing opportunities and chances to travel to different college campuses. Our club is open to all experience levels and will offer a wide range of rides and events that fit your cycling needs. The only requirement is love for bikes. 

For more information, please come to our weekly meeting, which is every Sunday evening in one of the meeting rooms in the IMU (check the "Events" page above) or send us an email at

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Club membership is limited by University of Iowa regulations which require the Club to maintain an overall minimum of 51% membership made up of U of I students. Individual club memberships are subject to annual membership fee.  Racing is reserved to full-time collegiate students, however amateur status is not required.